AICSA Conveyancing Quoting Service - Get a Quote


How do I find a conveyancer?

Simply click on the Buying or Selling? button on the AICSA website. Use the provided form to supply the details of your circumstances, which will then be submitted to five conveyancers, who will submit quotes for your business. After 3 business days have passed, you will be presented with all quotes from conveyancers.

What personal information will I need to provide?

We will need your name, an email address, telephone number and case related information. Our forms make it as efficient as possible to capture sufficient information for the participating conveyancer to make their offers to you.

Who will have access to my personal information?

Our request process is confidential. Until the request process is complete, the participating conveyancers will only have access to your request summary, which includes name, request type, requested service area, and case related information. Contact details are only provided to the conveyancer or conveyancers that you select.

What happens next?

When the request process is complete you will be sent information about the conveyancer that have submitted the quotes. You will be able to make your selection of the conveyancer that you prefer.

How do I make contact with the conveyancer that I selected?

You are welcome to contact the conveyancer directly, however, we will send your contact details to your selected conveyancer or conveyancers. The conveyancer will contact you within three business days.

Is it best to choose the conveyancer with the lowest quote?

Not necessarily and it depends on your circumstances. We advise that you carefully research them online in order to select the one that best fits your needs.

Do I have to use one of the conveyancers at the end of the request process?

No, but it does depend upon your situation. You may like to phone each conveyancer who has submitted a quote and have a chat with them before making your final decision. This will assist with your decision making.

Will I have to pay for the first appointment?

That is a matter between you and the conveyancer. Most will not charge for the initial meeting or telephone conversation while they assess your particular matter.

Do I need to bring anything to the first appointment with the conveyancer?

The conveyancer will advise you what you will need. However, we suggest that you bring the e-mail confirming their quote and have copies of any documents that you consider relevant to provide to them about your case. The better prepared that you are, the better the conveyancer is able to assist you.

Can the conveyancer choose not to represent me?

Yes, but are unlikely to do so because they have submitted a quote for your business. However, they will advise you if they cannot help you for any reason.

Do You guarantee the work, or the costs, of the conveyancer?

No. We refer you to clause 3 of our terms and conditions. We are not providers of conveyancing services; once established, your relationship with your conveyancer is between you and them. We have no role in that relationship.

Are the offers placed by the conveyancer inclusive of GST?